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CASE STUDY | Bi-Fuel Control Module



  • Design, Development of alternate fuel conversion system ECU, and PC based calibration software. Conversion systems modify vehicles and engines so that they can run on different fuels than the ones for which they were originally designed. Alternative fuel conversions involve reconfiguring a gasoline or diesel vehicle or engine to operate on natural gas.


  • Requirement engineering

  • Hardware

  • Software interface requirement definition

  • Architecture design - Hardware, Software design & development

  • Integration and testing plan development

  • DFMEA - Software Unit Test cases, Testing and Report preparation

  • Software - Hardware integration testing

  • Pre-compliance testing


  • Modular, Layered software architecture, MISRA-C

  • Default configuration to Primary Fuel.

  • Memory validation before enabling bi-fuel switching feature.

  • Feedback through measuring injection pulse width.

  • Heart beat messages with PC based calibration software to take care of operator safety during calibration.

  • Execution Model : Onsite-Offshore

  • Duration : 2 Years

  • Team : 8 (HW, SW, Safety, PCB, Testing) Targeted

  • SIL : ASIL D

  • Coding : MISRA C



  • Design, Development of hardware and software for Electronic Power Steering.


  • V-model based requirement capturing, development and verification processes.

  • Critical item selection through DAR process.

  • DFMEA, and FTA complied with ISO 26262 are taken to analyse the safety aspects of EPS so as to enhance the safety and reliability of EPS.

  • Functional Safety Assessment.


  • Dual processor architecture

  • Detection of HW failures, Sensor and actuator correctness through dedicated stand-alone MCU.

  • Hardware self-test (Memory, Logic, Sensor, and other peripherals)

  • Key parameter supervision and external watchdog

  • Software developed according to ISO 26262, e.g. AUTOSAR MCAL, Self Test Software


  • Execution Model : Onsite-Offshore

  • Duration : 14 Months.

  • Team : 8 (HW, SW, Safety, PCB, Testing) Targeted

  • SIL : ASIL D

  • Coding : MISRA C