Combustion Development Engineer WAYS-810 ID:2382584


Job Information:

Ref.No.: WAYS-810

As a Combustion Development Engineer you will be responsible for one part of the single cylinder development testing.
The task is to develop new design solutions for the next generation of ICE engines. Key is the development testing
based on single cylinder rig analyses and to actively interact within the team and CAE.
Our department is responsible to define and validate ICE attribute requirements and to recommend engine concept solutions based on testing and virtual analyses. We are actively using both single and multi-cylinder engines as well as rig vehicles in all phases of the engine development projects as well as virtual input data.
Your overall challenge is to verify the new combustion system proposals, to meet the toughest of requirements
in the market today regarding emissions, performance, fuel consumption and NVH.
Your technical competence should be strong so that you can make your own decisions and technical
Conclusions and analyses, to recommend next steps in the development process, based on single cylinder test results.
Your mindset should be visionary and with an aim of finding solutions.

Main Responsibilities:
- Responsible to perform complete development testing of different combustion solutions in single and multi-cylinder test rigs.
- Leading the specific rig testing, defining test methods, using optimal rig functionality and automatization, assure correct test objects
and engine set-up with help from workshop according to specification.
- Analyzing, present and document test results with recommendations.
- Actively participate in the combustion system teamwork and meetings.
- Initiate rig- and test method development.

Required Qualifications:
- B.Sc. or M.Sc. with ICE background
- Test rig experience
- Driving license B
- Meritorious would be deeper knowledge in measurement technique and electrification