CAD Engineer WAYS-790 ID:16895306


Job Information:

Ref.No.: WAYS-790

We are looking for an experienced CAD engineer to support the group and its lead engineers with CAD assignments. The position and job will be varied and besides working closely with our lead engineers, this role requires close co-operation with our suppliers and other departments during the development phase. We would like to see a person who has experience in working with product design during the development phase and experienced working with Catia.
Responsible for development of complete systems. Responsible for achievement of targets of time technology quality and cost. Coordination of prototypes. Good knowledge of modern materials and manufacturing processes. Experienced with writing component and system specifications.

Design Engineer with specialist knowledge and experience in exterior lighting construction. Team leader with the ability to communicate and implement innovative ideas. Ability to analyze information and proposed solutions and to determine if the design proposals are viable. Assists in setting targets and subsequent problem solving. Responsible for supporting the development of product functionality while ensuring the production of deliverable products. Component Design Engineer with technical specialization. Specialized engineering knowledge in automotive construction systems or subsystems. Experience in relevant areas of technology. Responsible for the development of individual components. Responsible for achievement of targets of time technology quality and cost. Assignment reporting and mission planning. Updating of revision orders and release of bases. Initialization of the calculation and testing and participation in analysis.
*assignment planned till 2019-06-28