Functional Safety Manager ID:21796787


Job Information:


- To lead safety related activities on safety critical systems and ensure products, processes and work products are ISO26262 compliant

- To work with the customers’ safety organizations as well as engineers and managers to ensure the functional safety process is executed and documented. Specific work products include the Safety Plan, Preliminary Hazard Analysis, Product Architecture, Safety Requirements, and Safety Analysis including FMEDA and FTA, and Safety Verification and Validation activities

- Act as a Fct. Safety Manager for an automotive connectivity product

- Analyse the impact of ISO26262 on the product and define the product architecture

- Perform safety management activities for the project according to relevant standards during all project phases (concept, product development, production) including preliminary hazard analysis, DFMEA, FMEDA, qualitative and quantitative fault tree analysis

- Develop the safety architecture and safety plans to ensure compliance with ISO26262

- Lead and coordinate creation of functional safety documentation according ISO 26262

- Cascade safety requirements to the systems, subsystems, and component levels in product portfolio. Specify detailed safety requirements, including diagnostic and software requirements

- Collaborate with project managers, the development team and customers on Functional Safety

- Conduct reviews with the product teams to ensure the ISO26262 functional safety standards is met throughout product development cycles

- Required for ADAS


- Experience in the role of ISO 26262 Safety Manager in the automotive domain

- Detailed knowledge and experience with ISO 26262

- Knowledge of the Products Development Life Cycle with respect to Systems, Electrical  or Software Development

- Awareness of the compliance models which are relevant to the Electronics Product Group (e.g. CMMI-DEV and ISO15504)

- Confirmed experience in embedded SW Architectures and System architecture solutions

- Familiarity with Microprocessor/DSP based hardware designs, and Software Architecture

- Knowledge of Requirements Management tools (e.g. TcSE / DOORS)

- Good technical leadership, planning and organization /control skills

- Strong analytic and problem-solving skills

- Ability to plan and deliver effective training

- English Speaking

- The ability to communicate complex ideas succinctly and persuasively to peers, management and customers

- Ability to work effectively within a team orientated environment

- Self-motivated / self-starter with the ability to find creative solutions